In past blogs we have discussed which social media tools you can use to improve your marketing efforts. But now the question is, what ticket type is best for reaching your client base and increasing your overall sales? Businesses within the admission and attraction-based industries are overall quite unique. Ask yourself these questions below to choose the best ticket type to market to you customers.

  1. Is your facility seasonal or year-round?
    Depending on when you are open, this can greatly effect your ticket type, pricing, and marketing. For example, if you are a year around business you will sell membership. Some seasonal businesses will offer timed tickets and/or dynamic pricing.

  2. Identify your audience
    What characteristic best describe your audience? Are they thrill seekers or looking for somewhere for their kids to hang out? Do they live locally or are they tourist? How old is your average guest? What are the interests of your customer? By answering questions like these, it will help you determine the best way to market to your target audience. For example, if you are marketing to parents or grandparents, you will want to push adds on Facebook. If you are marketing to teens and young adults, you will want to market on Instagram.

  3. Give your guests options while increasing revenue
    In addition to simply selling a ticket or a membership, what other options can you offer to your guests to give them the best experience ever? You can offer single add-on items that are discounted for members or build bundles to single day ticket holders. By offering and bundling add-on items your guests save money and you make a sale you might not have made otherwise.