What are you looking for in a point-of-sale solution for
your haunted attraction business? Some of the average benefits that come to
mine are: Control, flexibility, user-friendly, cost effective, streamlined,
with a full view of your business. Below are four benefits that you might not have
considered while shopping for a POS system.

Dynamic Pricing

You can base your flex pricing on time-based tickets and
demand, adjusting prices for peak business hours. By using these parameters
you’re able to set prices higher for the busiest nights, increasing revenue and
limiting a rush of curious newcomers during packed nights. Intrigued guests
will be more likely to purchase tickets for slower times to avoid overcrowding
while still increasing overall sales.


Sale tickets like a larger facility and increase your
revenue. It is not out of reach for smaller haunted attractions to make online
ticket purchases available. From your E-Commerce site
customers can view their dynamic pricing options, purchase merchandise and
tickets, view terms and conditions, and even sign a waiver in advance.
Having an E-Commerce site increases your customer satisfaction by reducing wait
times. Another benefit to you is being able to schedule employees based on the
amount of tickets purchased in advance.

Reporting and Analytics

Get a full scope of your business with reporting and
analytics in real time. You can easily track attendance details and spending
habits of guests other than ticket sales.  

No Per Ticket Fee

Gatemaster never charges a per ticket fee. From your E-Commerce site if you choose to charge a service fee that money stays with you to be put back into your business.