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 Computer help and tips

Keep Your Software Up-to-Date

When we buy a tool or product we do it for the advantages and tasks it can perform. Despite its rating and overall performance, maintenance at some point is inevitable.

A car that has its oil changed regularly will have a longer lifespan than a car that does not. And like a well-oiled car, a well-maintained computer will be more reliable than a computer that is not.

So, how do you maintain a computer?

There are 3 essential steps to maintain a computer, and all of them are fairly simple with a little practice.

  1. Keep things up to date. Neglecting to update your system a few decades ago didn’t have as many ramifications. Today computers are connected on a global scale through many networks and programming languages that make up the internet. Keeping your computer up-to-date allows it to better communicate with other computers. It also protects your computer from getting viruses.

When it comes to updating your operating system, these are usually automated to update when the computer isn’t being used, or a scheduled time that you choose. If you aren’t sure if your computer is up to date you can do system search with the keyword “update.”

For your Gatemaster point-of-sale software you can find instructions on how to update your system here.

  1. Computer programs are never finished being written. When you buy a computer program it is in the best working order so far. Updates are continually being written to cope with industry standards, patch bugs, or reinforce security risks.
  1. Physically clean your computer. If your computer is near animals, a construction site, or high traffic area, dust can clog a computer’s air intake, causing the system to heat up and run sluggishly. Just a small amount of vacuuming can make a world of difference.

Cleaning computer hardware

Training and Refresher courses

Maintaining a work life balance is difficult, but when you find your rhythm things tend to work out better. Until of course you have that odd customer that wants something specific and it throws off your groove. Ever have a co-worker or employee call you off hours to troubleshoot a specific problem that you must mentally navigate through your point-of-sale to solve?

We offer multiple resources from over-the-phone tech support to online guides and videos that provide clear cut solutions. Monthly user groups and quarterly trainings allow you to receive direct feedback to your problems, and a sounding board to suggest improvements to the software.

Security Protocol

Sometimes during a rush, you are required to wait for someone with clearance to enter a password or approve an action. At times it can be tempting to give your password to an employee or manager to allow them to do the task at hand with the intention that the password can be changed later.

This can lead to complications in the work place, we suggest reviewing security procedure, and company protocol with your staff so everyone understands the importance of the rules and why they exist.

Following these tips will not only help you get the most out of your point-of-sale. It will allow you to build good habits for all your business and computer needs.

Optimize Your Software

Recently we announced a new program designed to assist Gatemaster clients optimize their point-of-sale called GateOP$. This service will help analyze your product lineup, maximize your current point-of-sale system, and provide a service-based sales program that can add up to 20% in Front Gate and in-venue experience revenues in the first year!


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