I interviewed Gatemaster customer Thomas Ness, owner of Fairmount Glen Miniature Golf in Syracuse, NY. He discussed business challenges and his reasons for switching to Gatemaster Point of Sale and Ticketing System.

Challenges: The Company wanted better cash control and management of employees as well as theft protection with loss prevention controls. Their ticketing system consisted of printed flyers; color coded but easy to duplicate.

Solution: They installed Gatemaster Point of Sale and Ticketing System in the facility. Gatemaster Software tracks every sale, records inventory as it is sold, and prints tickets with barcodes that can only be redeemed once. The system gives managers more control over their site and to reduce theft. Gatemaster Reports lets managers view what is happening by register, staff member, merchandise item, and more.

Results: Theft decreased 99% and the new ticketing system opened up new avenues of revenue. Additionally, Fairmount Glen is now able to easily offer free games of golf to children who read a certain amount of pages at libraries. They can also partner with other small businesses to trade services for games of mini-golf. Due to their choice to use Gatemaster, they no longer worry about fake tickets. The system can generate a voucher that is given to local schools and libraries. The voucher can be redeemed at the point of sale for a free game of mini golf.Golf_ball_image_mini_golf.png

Mr. Ness says, “I needed something that worked. Your system looked the nicest out there.Other solutions looked like they were made for something besides miniature golf courses and we were just an afterthought. Your system was made for the entertainment industry.”

“The support team is great. I call you up and you fix the problem or answer the question. The system is fantastic. I can’t imagine running a miniature golf course without it.”

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