February 11, 2013

Fairmount Glen Miniature Golf
210 Onondaga Road
Syracuse ,NY 13219

I was initially impressed with Gatemasters training departments enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor. My past experience of training or tech departments has been that one they are looking at a script when talking to you and two if they go off script you find out they have no clue of what their talking about. NOT the case with Gatemaster, Tiffany and Sondra in the training department clearly understand what their talking about and talk to you in an unassuming manner and in plain language and if necessary take the time to explain the technical jargon. Throughout my training period they consistently demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the system and the one time there was a question on how to have Gatemaster do a particular function I wanted they immediately told me they would have to talk to the software department and had an answer within hours.

The tech department is run the same way when first setting up the system I felt that it was running a little slow. I contacted Joe and he logged on to the system and said yes its running really slow. He gave me the option of reinstalling the systems program with his guidance over the phone or sending it to him to do it, feeling confident I chose to do it myself. Within about a half hour the feat was accomplished and feeling quite proud of myself I hung up with Joe and went about my business. Unfortunately a few days later the problem crept back up. I contacted Joe and he logged back into the system poked around for about fifteen minutes and came to the conclusion that the system probably never installed correctly from the beginning and the best thing to do was to send me a new unit overnight to replace it and ship back the old one AFTER I received the new one. This allowed me to keep using it since I was already open for the season.

I’ve had Gatemaster in use for a year and continue to find new things I can do with it from the consignment tickets for fund raising groups and local businesses, such as the local bowling alley that gives them away for prizes during midnight bowling on the weekends, to multi item promotions that the customer can come back and redeem later during their visit. Being able to scan the UPC bar codes on the items from our concession stand for inventory control has been a huge benefit also. I’ve been in the miniature golf industry for over 35 years and I wish I had this from the beginning.

The experience I’ve had with Gatemaster and continue to have with Gatemaster is by far the best I’ve ever had with any company. I’ve told them more than once they should start a sideline to teach other companies how to run their service and support departments. I think Joe summed it up best in an email he sent me and explains why Gatemaster takes such great care of its customers “We know that when we sell a system it is the start of a long time relationship that will be for many years to come.”


Thomas Ness
President Fairmount Glen Miniature Golf

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