Going Beyond Standard Ticketing Sales

Beyond the Standard Ticketing Sales

How do we increase revenue effectively and offer incentives for spending in other parts of the park when typically the main revenue stream for Ticket Booth is walk up traffic sales? There are several ways to boost sales in your ticket booth. Here are a few: Vouchers: Vouchers can be used as a promotion to redeem a food Item or rental item within the park. This allows your ticket booth operators the opportunity to upsell in-park products at the front gate and to offer discounts for purchasing items in advance too. Vouchers also create an incentive that nudges customers to “Bounce Back” and visit your park again at a discounted rate during the season. You can also offer rainchecks on rainy days, etc. all while still maintaining the security and control of your ticket redemptions. Web Store: An online web store offers another method that generates revenue even while you’re closed. Web sales go beyond just tickets too! Your web store should be able to sell general tickets, gift shop items, vouchers, season passes, and reserve events/cabanas/rooms. Having a fully integrated shopping cart with a point-of-sale also allows management to see sales happening in real time. Additionally, employees can view and print will-call passes or scan the tickets directly at the desired access point. This saves time and money while providing an easy solution for customers!  Consignment Tickets: Allow other businesses to sell your tickets! While many businesses have company partners, having a consignment program helps open you up to opportunities with potential customers that may not know about your facility yet. Develop a relationship with a partner company’s HR department so that they may offer an employee appreciation day at your facility. Only charge your partner business for the tickets that were redeemed and with a concierge portal in your webstore, other businesses can sell your tickets right from a private web portal.  Social Media: Use social media to drive traffic for new sales by creating promotional deals to give a sense of urgency to purchase, either online or at your location(s)! Then share event photos and other positive experiences to pique people’s interest. Just remember to make it FUN! Combination Packages: Promotional packaging provides a wonderful value for families who are eager to visit your facility. Don’t be afraid to create family themed nights like “Monday Family Night” and offer something akin to four tickets and four hotdogs for $20.00, or “Wednesday Kids day” where children under 12 get in free with a paying adult. You just have to give people a reason to come, especially those individuals who may not otherwise come!  

Test one of these different avenues of product promotion and let us know how it works for you. What else have you done to go beyond standard ticket sale? Please let us know in the comments!

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