Hopefully employee theft is something you never have to worry about but it is an unfortunate reality. There are many free tips and trick, as well as paid services to prevent employee theft at your facility. Find out more about types of employee theft. 

employee theft

Run Background Checks 

It is standard business practice to run background checks and contact prior employers before hiring someone. If you have issues with employee theft, it would be a good idea to run checks on all your current employees yearly. There are many different types of background check services that use different data bases to pull their information. Find a background check service that fits your needs and cost.

Security Cameras 

With security cameras it’s all about placement. If you can only afford one camera place it where it can record your employees and customers. This doesn’t just protect you, it protects your employees as well. No false claims can be made because you have everything on camera. Get detailed examples of employee theft. 

Employee Coverage 

Employees are less likely to steal from you if other employees are around. Having proper coverage at your facility will prevent theft but also improve your customers experience and it improves your employees experience as well.

Anonymous Tip Line 

There are services that you can subscribe to that provide your employees a way to give anonymous feedback and report issues. These services provide a confidential number or website, where your employees can provide information on theft or failed policy. These types of services are great because it gives your employees a voice without threat of retaliation. Not only will you uncover employee issues faster, this will increase your employee satisfaction.

Be Friendly with Your Employees 

We have all heard the horror stories about a friend or family member robbing a business blind. Fortunately, this is not the most common form of employee theft. If you get to know someone on a personal level they are less likely to steal from you. If your employees don’t like you there is a higher chance of theft. Be friendly with your employees. Ask about their families and hobbies. Find out what you have in common with them. Sometimes the best way to combat employee theft is to treat your employees well. Spend a little money and offer snacks or lunch on occasion. What you spend developing a relationship with your employees is much less than the feeling of being violated by theft. Getting to know your employees will improve their experience working for you and in turn improve the experience they give to your customers.

Run Reports 

Your point-of-sale and inventory system will have the ability to run reports. Often reports are the only way to uncover theft. Theft can go unseen for years until a new point-of-sale is put into place.


Write, enforce, and educate your employees about your policy on employee theft. This may seem silly but sometimes people are not aware they are stealing because they see someone else do it. If you provide your employees with examples and standards to follow, you will limit confusion and excuses.


Take every precaution to protect your business. Just remember not to treat your employees like criminals. When employees are unhappy it is a disservice to your customers. Take every precaution but treat your people well and in turn they will keep your business running smoothly.

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