Check out these four important tips to help you better optimize your point-of-sale so that you may provide a better user-experience.  

Plan Your Naming Schema

Whether you are buying a new point-of-sale or looking to 


improve your current setup, naming schema is extremely important to optimizing your point-of-sale. For example, you want drink items to say “Small” or “SM” drink? “Medium” drink or “Med” drink? Whatever you choose just keep it consistent for all your like items. This is an easy way to prevent confusion, help you find items faster, and it also sets a good precedent for your staff.

Gatemaster Best Practice: When using wild cards within the Gatemaster System put a WC before the item name. For example: WC Drinks, WC T-shirts

What’s on Your Main Screen?

There is limited space on the main point-of-sale screen (only so many items and buttons will fit there) so consider the most efficient way to categorize your items. For example, you may want to create a button that says “Drinks” and when that button is selected more drink options show up like “Sm Drink”, “Med Drink”, “Lg Drink”, “Slushy”, etc. This way you use one button on the main screen instead of six.

Gatemaster feature: This type of setup with one button with many options is our wild card feature.

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Combo Packages for Upselling

There are many types of combos that you can create so that you can upsell. Whether it’s selling tickets for rides, arcade plays, or a meal combo you can create combos that offer your customers a deal while maximizing your profits. If you don’t know how to do this, ask us how!

Keep It Consistent

Documenting your standard best practices vis-a-vis your point-of-sale will save you time, stress, and hassle down the road. Consider documenting your chosen naming schema, main screen, and combo package setups for your employee trainings so that consistency becomes a part of your company’s policies and procedures.

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