This three-part series covers the most often forgotten, but easy to implement practices that improve your customer’s experience. First, we’ve addressed what your customer’s needs and expectations are, then those of your employees’, and now, what you need to in your role as business owner/manager.  

What a Business Owner/Manager Needs to Provide to Create a Great Customer Experience

 In part three of our customer experience series, we are addressing the needs and expectations that employees and customers have for the Owner/Manager. Managing these nine expectations are crucial to increase both employee morale and your customers’ experience.

Encourage your customers and employees to provide feedback.

Customers and employees love it when their voice is heard. Because these are the people working and buying from you, they can also be where some of your best insight comes from. If you use an idea that an employee or customer has provided, show how much you appreciate it by giving them a discount or certificate! 

Be willing to change your policy if it’s not working out. 

Updating your policies is a necessity. Sometimes we forget to change a newly implemented policy if it is not working. Give it a few weeks, or even a full quarter to determine if this policy update is really working for you. Show your employees that you are willing to be their advocate if new policy is not working out right.  

Extensive training and follow up training

Most companies do a fine job training their employees when they first start but what about follow up training? Remember, everyone learns differently. Training employees is expensive but can save you time and money down the road. There may be something that was missed or a procedure has changed. Remember you are making experts! 

Make your place of business a great place to work.

Happy employees will make happy customers. Have fun and get work done. The work place does not have to be uptight. Tell jokes, share snacks, and be flexible (within reason). Depending upon your business, you may have the ability to have a potluck lunch or schedule a team building course.


Communicate with your employees honestly.

When policies change it can make your employees feel uncomfortable. Instead of expecting your employees to except change, explain to them why the change was necessary. Letting your employees understand the reasons behind the change will help them better understand and support you. 

Don’t push back on escalated issues.

When escalated issues arise, it is best to walk your employees through the best way to handle these scenarios. When the issue goes beyond your employee’s skill set, it’s time for you to step in. You are the judge of when stepping in is appropriate. Sometimes it’s sooner rather than later. 

Back up your employees.

If your employees are properly trained and know your expectations, advocating for them should never be an issue.  

Don’t be cheap.

If things break, fix them. When new equipment is needed, buy it. Waiting until the last moment to purchase something can really be a hassle for both your employees and customers. Purchasing the cheaper option can cost you more down the road. Make the investment and come to the decision as quickly as possible.  

Manage Chaos 

Always have a plan for where you want your company to go. This plan may even change from week to week. Keep yourself and your employees in the know. Emails, dry erase boards, and meetings are some of the best ways to keep everyone up to date.  

You got this boss!


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