Keeping guests you already have is a much easier than gaining new ones. The size of your facility doesn’t matter. Small or large, we have some fantastic ideas to keep your guest coming back. Make it easy for guests to do business with you Offer multiple ways for your guests to purchase from you. Guests prefer to book online rather than waiting in line at your facility. When your guest can buy online it gives them peace of mind and will cut down on wait times at your facility. Train your employees well If you don’t have documented training material, you need to work on compiling your materials now. When your employees are well trained and know what your expectations are, you can trust them to make the right call. Empowering your employees boost morale and gives you the ability to work on other things. Keep your employees happy There are several reasons to be good to your employees. The focus here is when your employees are happy, your guests are happy too. If you micromanage your employees, you are going to stress them out. That in turn reflects on the experience your employees give your guests. If you provide your employees with the proper tools to do their job, you will be able to trust that they make the right decisions. Gatemast Loyal Customer Fido Joke.jpg Find solutions, not excuses When there is a problem your guests don’t want to hear excuses. They want to know how you’re going to resolve the problem. Sometimes the focus gets placed on why the problem even occurred. You want to break this habit. This should only be an internal concern. If the guest puts the focus on why a problem happened, address it quickly and move to your solution. Discussing the cause of a problem can take time away from resolving an issue and create a poor customers experience. Engage in social media Simply creating a Facebook or Twitter account is not enough. You or an employee should spend 30 minutes a day managing these accounts replying to questions and posting updates. Even if it’s just a cute picture of a cat, it’s better than not doing anything at all. Offer a rewards program Give incentives to your existing guests to come back again and again! There are many reasons your guests love coming to your facility, give them one more reason with a rewards program. You can offer a free visit after 10 or a discount after 5 visits. Create a rewards program that works for your facility. Listen to your guest Are your guests making suggestions? Do you have a system set up for guest’s feedback? The solution to this is as easy as putting out a comment box. A modern solution would be to use websites like Zoho or SurveyMonkey. You can post your surveys to social media and get direct feedback from your guests. When you make a guest suggested change, thank that guest on social media for the suggestion and announce the change or improvement. Previous Blog Learn More: Season Pass 101 How to Solve Big Problems with Mobile Point-of-Sale 4 Tips for Optimizing Your Point-of-Sale  


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