There are still plenty of people working from home, and for some, they are likely going quite stir-crazy at this point. They wake up at home, do all their work at home, go to sleep at home, then repeat the cycle. It is beneficial to change up your work environment from time to time. It can increase productivity, spark creativity, and boost your mood and happiness. So how can your business provide these work-from-home-warriors a valuable service that allows them to “work from home” without being at home?

Hotels Offering “Work From Here” Options

Some hotels are offering a “Work from Here” option that allows people to rent a private, clean, and comfortable hotel room for the day, complete with free WiFi, printing privileges, and other various amenities. A Brooklyn hotel, The Wythe, began repurposing 13 of its second-story guest rooms as offices that could accommodate up to 4 people while still following social distancing safety guidelines. These rooms all come with a small outdoor terrace so guests can get plenty of fresh air and are dog friendly! Another hotel in Sacramento, The Sawyer, started offering its poolside cabanas for outdoor office space. WiFi, free parking, and a catered lunch are included! Las Vegas is also among the cities offering an alternative to working from home, and of course, they go all out. These “Viva Las Office” packages go the extra mile, offering a playful weekend that lets guests find the perfect balance of work and fun. Some are offering very enticing packages that include a three-day stay with flexible check-in and check-out time, daily food and drink credits, access to a private pool, and a free massage.

Should Your Business Offer Work Space Options?

If your business has space that cannot be used due to COVID-19 or is seeing very low traffic, it might be helpful to take a cue from these hotels! Businesses like Family Entertainment Centers, Campgrounds, and Resorts can jump on this opportunity to tailor their offerings to what the public needs right now! Many people can work from anywhere as long as they have a strong WiFi connection and a little peace and quiet. Your facility might be the perfect place for them to shake up their work routine away from the home office. Family Entertainment Centers could consider offering packages that include access to games, childcare, or food and drink as a way to sweeten the deal. Campgrounds that have quality WiFi access can think like Las Vegas hotels and include a stay in the campground as part of the package and maybe include things like a free canoe or paddleboard rental, free access to the showers, or include firewood with their stay! Resorts can really get creative as well and set up work spaces in unused outdoor areas, throw in food or drink credits, or consider discounting activities available on the resort such as time at the spa. 

Ready to Explore Your Options?

If you would like to explore how your business can create a “Work from Here” offering for your guests, we can help! Gatemaster has products and services that let guests make online reservations ahead of time, contactless payment options, point-of-sale systems, a child check-in/out features, and more. Reach out today to discuss your options or to brainstorm how you can make the most out of your business space during these challenging times.