From super sales slipped subtly into our emails to bubbly bouncing icons on 4 inch screens effortlessly ordering us everything from car rides to cappuccinos, the buyers and sellers of the world have never been as connected as they are today. But behind all the app taps and leisurely scrolling during the afternoon commute lies the lifeblood of a successful marketing strategy—the invaluable insight collected at the point-of-sale from consumer purchase and visit data.

Still following? Good. Now, Let’s dive in headfirst. 

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1. Build an Email List and They Will Come 

Collecting consumer email addresses at the point-of-sale serves as an efficient and effective method for building healthy email lists and leveraging the data to improve customer retention and construct loyalty programs. Consider an ever expanding email list as the most scalable way to make sales with new customers and cultivate deeper relationships with potential return visitors. 

2. Engage Your Customers Offline, Online and In line

With each transaction, loads of data, ranging from the standard credit card number for payment processing to identity verification are collected in one fell swoop. While there’s no denying the importance of payment processes, it is important to place an equal premium on data accuracy to ensure that emails, names and addresses are captured correctly, clearing the way to better communicate with your customers. Interacting with the customer at the point-of-sale and offering an incentive such as a coupon for a free beverage or 10% off admission on their next visit when they supply valid contact information remains an effective solution for accumulating accurate data that doesn’t come from the swipe of a card. With the right data collected you’ve achieved the first step to reaching your clients on whatever communications channel they prefer and wherever they may go.

3. Determine Who’s Buying What—and When?

Like testing the water, tracking the shopping tendencies of customers is a telltale sign of what’s currently hot or cold. Analyzing the proper data can make it clear which park attractions or entertainment center activities are favored by which people. Identifying shopping behavior helps your digital marketing platform tailor online offers with a personalized approach to their interests and relevant needs.

4. Measure the Impact of Marketing

You may have fancy systems in place that use beacons and other devices for tracking visitors in your space to learn which attractions people gravitate to, but only your POS system transparently showcases what they’re spending their money on. Such data also sheds a light on cross-selling patterns. For example, Pam may prefer to keep her 11-year-old son Tom entertained at the arcade and waterslides but away from the tipsy-turvy roller coasters—especially after a big lunch.

As a noted Nascar enthusiast, Jim is revved up watching his older kids go round and round in a go-kart race and battle for bragging rights on racing simulators but knows not to waste their time with laser tag. To attract Pam, utilizing this data to offer a waterslide/game combo pack is key to keeping her returning with Tom as a constant customer. For Jim, sending him specific go-kart offers and keeping him in the loop with the arrival of the latest driving games extends his interest and shoots you straight to the leaderboard for entertainment choices in his book.

5.  Predict the Results of Tomorrow, Today

The influx of data collected provides an opening to anticipate customer needs and meet them in a quick and efficient manner. Such a smooth process provides value to the customer and shows them that their business matters today while solidifying a standard for strategy and service for the future. The results? A smarter series of promotions, a stronger network of customers, and a clear view on what brings in the big bucks.

In the end, using the powerful insights gained from the large sets of data that only a point-of-sale system like Gatemaster can gather, paired together with an automated direct response marketing platform like FetchRev, can drive your customers back in the door over and over and over again predictably and sustainably.

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