Searching for a point-of-sale for your amusement facility can quickly become overwhelming with all the numerous options. However, not all point-of-sales are created equally.  The first and most important question you want to ask yourself is, do I want a mobile cloud based or software point-of-sale? There are a variety of Pro’s and Con’s for each option. If you can find a company that can provide both options, you can start with the mobile solution and upgrade to software later. To help you understand the difference, I will provide a brief breakdown of what you need to consider prior to making a choice on using a software or web based point-of-sale. Enterprise Pro’s:
  • Not dependent upon a high-speed internet connection
  • Ownership of your data and one time purchase to rights of the software
  • Avoid Monthly Subscription Fee’s
  • Enterprise solutions provide additional features to drive all aspects of your operation from admissions to your food & beverage or retail operations
Enterprise Con’s:
  • Higher initial upfront investment
  • Dependent upon size of operation you may require an IT team or professional to support your network infrastructure and secure your data
  • Necessary to pay annual support to receive updated versions of software
Mobile Pro’s:
  • Lower upfront investment with low cost monthly payments
  • Minimal IT or Hardware support required
  • Ability to access data and reports easily on the go
  • Point-of-sale system is always up to date
  • Data is managed by service provider
  • Flexibility on location of your point of sale
Mobile Con’s:
  • Dependent on a strong highspeed connection or wireless network
  • No ownership of your Data
  • Monthly subscription payments
  • No technical support team unless you pay additional cost
Regardless of the scale or type of your amusement facility, these are all important factors in determining which point-of-sale option is best for your operations. These factors will be influenced by your initial budget and what type of features and functionality you wish to have to drive profitability.  Finding an established point-of-sale company that both understands your niche in the amusement world and offers mobile and enterprise solutions is truly rare. The team at Gatemaster is here to provide you with growth options and to help minimize the confusion when making the decision about the right point-of-sale solution for your situation.

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