ParkTrainer WEBINAR: Staff Training in 2020

Adam Weber
January 9th at 12 PM MST


ParkTrainer is our latest software solution that has been developed specifically for Amusement Park and Family Entertainment businesses to provide a training solution that can be used year after year and can be scaled across almost every department of your operation. ParkTrainer took 1st Place for the IAAPA Brass Ring Award in the Best New Product Concept category at the 2019 IAAPA Expo. Training and turnover is an ever increasing problem in the industries Gatemaster serves, so we are providing a new online platform that allows you to provide digital Standards of Procedure and training while collecting valuable data about team on-boarding and bringing people up to speed faster.

Adam Weber will be showing how we use ParkTrainer currently within our business to provide client training for using Gatemaster software. We will walk you through how to setup teams, upload and manage content, and how training modules work for employees.

Any Webinar Attendees that are interested in using ParkTrainer in 2020 will be offered a Brass Ring Award related discount of 10% on their ParkTrainer related services.


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Below you can see a screenshot of the main training module dashboard that we will be reviewing. Parktrainer allows for team based modular training with gamification aspects that keep employees engaged and increases information retention. 


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