Technology is your friend, it can help bring your ski resort into the millennium and make the guest experience so much smoother. Ski resort software, such as a point-of-sale software, among others, can greatly enhance your guests experience, and make your resort run more efficiently (with online waivers!). The best part about implementing a point-of-sale technology system is it gives you the ability to track data you’ve never had visibility in before. Here are 3 great reports a good ski resort point-of-sale technology should give you:

Report #1: Daily Sales Report

With this report you can easily understand hourly sales which gives you peak hours of operation, and times when a happy hour or late night ski special might help up numbers. A daily sales report will also give you what areas of the resort (Food and beverage, rentals, passes, ski school) are performing better so you can optimize these areas. Further, a daily sales report will give you data on what areas of the resort are underperforming, giving you the data you need in order to decide what to do with said areas.

Further, daily sales reports can help to determine how different departments perform from day to day, and whether certain departments tend to perform better on certain days of the week, and whether the performance ratio between departments remains mostly consistent throughout.

Report #2: Inventory

Have you ever run out of hot chocolate or some other critical item that guests demand? With a ski resort point-of-sale system you can track inventory all around the resort. Get instant reports when items are low or too high, optimize your ordering, and become more cost efficient. Whether it’s keeping gloves in stock or ensuring the nachos have cheese – keeping inventory steady is crucial to the guest experience.

With a good point-of-sale system, transactions can be chronicled as they occur, and inventory can be much more effectively managed as a result. No longer would employees be required to periodically go through the inventory and catalog what is immediately necessary to purchase and decide what is not. Thus, they could instead be doing tasks that are more valuable to the resort, rather than taking the time to take inventory.

Report #3: Event Tracking

Does your ski resort hosts events, weddings, charity outings, or field trips? If any of these apply to you, you should be able to keep track of dates, prices, attendance, payments/deposits and more through your ski resort point-of-sale system. Pull reports after events to see if you’ve made a profit or pull a report for the previous year so you can ensure all events for the year are on the calendar. Event tracking would also allow for you to track any changes in attendance that may occur as a result of hosting events, which would then allow for you to further determine how much holding an event affects your resort as a whole.

Further still, tracking events would allow you to track how much inventory was sold at a given event, and how much profit was made off of sales alone. Keeping track of events that you are hosting can prove to be very valuable for your resort.

Imagine what your resort could be with these computer generated data reports. Your employees would not have to undertake the laborious task of manually compiling data reports to produce similar or inferior results. Further, these data reports can also increase the value of your resort in the eyes of the guests, as they allow for you to target specific times of day or areas in the resort that guests are frequenting.


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