You may not think that increasing traffic to your website can improve your overall business but it will. You will gain a broader audience and interest in your facility when following these steps. Here are some ways to improve traffic to your website and increase sales.

  1. Update your website

If your website is merely a photo of your facility, contact information, and your hours of operation, it’s time for an upgrade. Having a bland website can drive people away from your facility. When potential customers visit your website, they are investigating you. They want to know why they should visit your facility over some other activity. You may have a high-quality facility but if potential customers see a lack luster website they may assume the same about your facility.  

  1. Use social media

Everyone is on some type of social media, from your 10-year-old niece to your 82-year-old grandpa. Younger individuals use Instagram and twitter. The more mature users will be on Facebook. Use social media to your advantage. Your post should appeal to your audience and their age demographic. Use Facebook to promote deals or gift ideas. Use Instagram and post fun pictures or videos that would increase interest from a younger audience.

  1. Let your customers buy online

When customers can purchase from you online it improves their overall experience. It was quick, it was easy, and gaining access to your facility will be smoother.  No more struggling with overly excited children as mom tries to get her wallet out.

  1. Get involved locally

Does your community have a parade for the holidays? Sign up for a float and hand out coupons! Is there a community festival or farmers market? Take this opportunity to sponsor a kid play area. Are there any charity events you can get involved with? Charity runs, Schools plays, sports teams, and academic clubs are all great ways to make your facility known to your community and shows you care.

  1. Online Promotions

Drive business online by giving online promotions. You customer can purchase access to your facility, food and drinks, gift cards, and merchandise at an online promotional price.  Since there is a discount, your customers will be more willing to spend money, not feeling any pressure to buy something, also giving them an opportunity to think about the purchase.

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