Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Resolving a Conflict

In part one, we discussed how to help prevent conflicts from coming up. In part two I am going to tell you the most effective way to solve any kind of conflict that may arise in your workplace.

  1. Start off by gathering all involved staff members.
  2. Establish a set of rules for each person involved.
  3. Follow up with brainstorming session to come up with a solution to the conflict.

Check out this quick video, it provides a brief but complete set of rules in about 30 seconds for participants to follow. 

Once everyone knows the rules, simply go around the table having everyone involved give ideas or input they think would be helpful to resolving the situation. Keep going around until no one can come up with any more suggestions. Then look at the list you all have compiled together and use everyone’s collective knowledge to find a resolution for the conflict. The collective information is much more valuable than any one individual’s ideas.

This is how you will effectively find a solution that all parties can be happy with, because the resolution was come to by blending everyone’s best ideas.

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