Do your guests leave poor feedback about the event/party experience at your facility? Are mistakes being made in preparation for events and parties? Are your employees having a hard time staying organized? At Gatemaster we have the solution to solve your stress, prevent human error, and increase your guest satisfaction.

Point-of-Sale and E-Commerce integration

Get a point-of-sale and E-Commerce solution that works together. When a guest books online, that reservation is automatically placed into your point-of-sale. It’s surprising how often you find party booking software that is not integrated with the point-of-sale. Integrations will save you time and decrease the risk of human error.

Employee reservation process and task list

When your guests make an online reservation with you, your Party Host will get a time sensitive task list for event preparation, tracking, and follow up. This is also a great tool because your Party Host will be able to contact the guest and easily upsell any over looked items missed in the original booking. With time sensitive task list, your Party Host will be prepared for any size event that may be booked. No delays for your guest due to lack of preparedness and reduced stress for your employees creating a better party environment.

Provide itineraries with your statements

Planning an event or party can be stressful to your guest. Your guest may not be sure of what will happen after they book with you. Eliminate this stress with an itinerary with your statement. As soon as your guest books they will receive an email letting them know the full detail and timeline to their event/party. Cutting out the stress of the unknown. You can also use this as a selling point for your online party booking!

Take a deposit

When you have an integrated point-of-sale and E-Commerce solution, your guest can pay a deposit online and that deposit will be tracked in your point-of-sale. You never have to call your guest and ask for a credit card. You never have to worry about a party not showing up wasting your time and money.

Open account billing

Did your guest have a few extras friends show up? No problem. Your guest can order more food, drinks, balloons, activities, and whatever else they may need on one ticket because you have open account billing. Guest prefer open account billing because they are not having to sign multiple credit card receipts. Having to take multiple payments can make your guests feel uncomfortable.

Digital waivers

Does your facility require signed waivers for all party guests? Online digital waivers can easily be emailed or printed off so partygoers will be prepared before the event. Digital waivers help the fun get started more quickly. When digital waivers are signed, they can easily be tracked in your integrated point-of-sale.

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