Not every point-of-sale for admission and attraction-based businesses is created equal. There are many value added features to look for that won’t cost you more money if the functionality is already built into the software!

Gift Cards

Gift Cards have become popular way to give a gift and make sure that gift is used for fun. Why not offer gift cards at your fun business? The gift card system is built right into the main screen of the Gatemaster point-of-sale. Guests can spend, check balances, and transfer balances to another card. It’s easy to use and it’s easy to create promotions for purchasing gift cards around the holidays. Example: Buy a $25 gift card get a round of miniature golf or laser tag free.

Rental Management

Rentals can be a nightmare to manage when you don’t have the right solution. Rental management should come standard for FUN businesses. Whether you offer roller skates, bikes, skis, or paddle boats when you have the right point-of-sale software you can manage your rentals effortlessly. You can rent, track, take deposits, and charge late fees. Know where all pieces of your rental equipment are, giving you peace of mind.


Vouchers are the unsung heroes of the fun business. Vouchers give you flexibility while maintaining control over your ticketing solutions but also make it easier for your guest to access and spend at your facility. Vouchers can be used for rentals, rain checks, bounce back passes, as well as food and beverage.

Consignment Ticketing

For admission and attraction based businesses, having consignment partners that can sell tickets to your location is essential. Gatemaster allows you to print a block of tickets. The system only charges the consignment partner for the tickets redeemed. Also, consignment tickets can go straight to the gate without having to stop at a ticket booth! Once again creating a seamless, streamlined process that increases the satisfaction of your guest.

Cashless System

Cashless systems have been popular in arcades, casinos, and hotels for years now. It’s now becoming more popular in other types of amusement facilities like waterparks and family entertainment centers (FEC). Cash can be linked to customer accounts where parental controls and limits can be added. Cashless systems reduce wait times for your guest and reduce loss at your cash drawer.

Event Booking

It’s common to find that party and event booking online are not integrated with the point-of-sale. Don’t accept a non-integrated solution for your facility. If you go with a solution that is not integrated this means you will be entering data from one system to another. Don’t waste your time and money. Find a solution that has fully integrated point-of-sale and E-Commerce for your event and party booking.

Access Control

Gates that scan tickets as your guest enter your facility do add an additional cost for hardware but the functionality for reporting will be included in the software package. Access control offers many benefits to admission and attraction based businesses like preventing duplicating tickets or allowing invalid tickets entry. Increases your analytics and reporting by logging activity, monitoring guest traffic, and provides historical data. Although there is the additional hardware cost, access control saves you money by ensuring only guests who have paid are allowed entry.

Ticketing Options

Don’t let your point-of-sale limit your ticketing options. Choose a software that allows you to have whatever ticketing options you choose. Printed tickets, e-tickets, and wristbands with barcodes or RFID are some of the options available to you. Some point-of-sale companies make you purchase your ticket stock from them directly, while other give you the freedom to choose where your ticket stalk comes from.

Rewards Program

Give incentives to your existing guests to come back again and again! There are many reasons your guests love coming to your facility, give them one more reason with a rewards program. You can offer a free visit after 10 or a discount after 5 visits. Create a rewards program that works for your facility. Reward programs help you build guest loyalty at your facility.

Collect Customer Marketing Data

Your point-of-sale should enhance your marketing efforts by enabling you to market to your database of customers using various filtering capabilities. Select customers by name, zip code, age, birth month, event type, membership type making it easier for you to directly market to your client base.

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