Power Up Your Success with Collaborative Strategies

LIVE with Sondra Recap: Power Up Your Success with Collaborative Strategies


In this recap of “Live with Sondra,” CEO Sondra Shannon delves into the future of refund protection in theme parks and attractions with guest Deana Jean, CEO of Intentional Excellence.

Deana Jean’s Insights:

Deana Jean, also known as the “collab queen,” shares her expertise on the importance of collaboration during mergers, acquisitions, and challenges in business. She emphasizes the value of recognizing individual strengths and investing in personal growth.

Intentional Excellence’s Approach:

Intentional Excellence focuses on helping businesses and entrepreneurs embrace collaboration to overcome obstacles and drive success. Deana’s approach emphasizes leveraging technology and understanding each team member’s unique genius zone.

Guest Preferences and Technology:

Deana discusses the importance of using technology to facilitate effective teamwork and streamline processes. She highlights the need for businesses to adapt to new technologies to stay competitive in the industry.

Sondra’s Perspective:

Sondra underscores the significance of collaboration in achieving business goals and improving team dynamics. She emphasizes the importance of investing in employees’ personal growth and creating a culture of collaboration within organizations.

Improving Guest Experience:

Both Sondra and Deana agree that collaboration is essential for enhancing the guest experience in theme parks and attractions. By leveraging technology and fostering strong teamwork, businesses can create memorable experiences for their guests.

Creating Memories and Guest-Centric Culture:

The speakers discuss the importance of creating a guest-centric culture in attractions, where every team member is aligned towards providing exceptional service and creating lasting memories for guests.

Our Client’s Guests Appreciation and Value:

Sondra and Deana emphasize the value of collaboration in building strong relationships with clients and creating value for their guests. By working together, businesses can better understand their clients’ needs and deliver experiences that exceed expectations.

Connecting with the Speakers:

Viewers are encouraged to connect with Sondra and Deana on social media for further insights and assistance in implementing collaborative strategies in their businesses.


The conversation ends with both speakers sharing their favorite attractions and inviting viewers to tune in for future episodes of “Live with Sondra” for more industry insights and discussions on collaboration.

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