Gatemaster Mobile POS now has two point-of-sale and ticketing options to best meet the needs of your unique facility. Anyone familiar with Gatemaster knows our flagship platform E2 Entertainment Enterprise. E2 is an installed commercial software. E2 and Gatemaster Mobile are built on the same architecture, so if going mobile is right for you it will have a similar look and functionality as E2.


Easy Setup

Current Gatemaster E2 clients looking to go mobile can easily have their data imported to Gatemaster Mobile. For new clients the setup is easy and intuitive with built-in help topics to guide you. You also gain 24-hour access to our support portal to look up solutions and create tickets.

Less IT heavy

Because your data is stored on our secure cloud, backing up data is a thing of the past. You no longer need to worry about running updates when your facility is closed. Anytime Gatemaster Mobile is updated it automatically shows up when you log in.

Browser based.

Gatemaster Mobile is browser based which means you can use it on ANY device. If your facility is closed but you still would like to be able to schedule parties and events, you can easily log into Gatemaster Mobile on your smart phone or computer.

At most attraction and admission based facilities your employees are going to be teenagers. Kids these days don’t know how to use computers, but they do know how to use tablets. This makes training even easier than before.

Reasons why going mobile may not be right for your facility:


  • If you wish to host and back up your own data.
  • If you do not have a strong internet connection at your facility.

Existing Gatemaster Clients: Email Brandi at [email protected] if you are interested in joining our gap analysis starting January of 2018.


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