If your business is lacking an increase in new customers, you may want to change your marketing strategy. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Become the expert 

Do your customers have questions? Answer them by writing blogs. This may seem like the silliest way to increase business but it works. Write blogs about frequently asked questions. What problems do your customers experience that you can help with? Be the solution your customers are looking for. When you focus on helping your customers instead of hard selling them, it makes them realize you are a person and you’re willing to help. You will be who they turn to for help in your industry. Be the trusted voice they are looking for.

You can also post fun things your business is involved with. Have your employees donated their time at a charity event? Did you have a special customer pop in? Post it. Putting a human face on your business is appealing to customers.

2. Get involved 

Getting involved in an organization or charity doesn’t have to cost you money. Your time is often as valuable as any dollar. Charities are always looking for reliable volunteers to help. You can also open your facility doors and host a charity event. Another easy way to get involved is donating your product to a charity auction. It promotes your business while making the charity money. Ultimately, cash or sponsorship is the best way to get involved but don’t let that discourage you. Every little bit of support is appreciated.

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3. Partner with other businesses for an event

Are other businesses in your area having a slump in sales? Get with your neighboring businesses and partner up for a special event. Here are some event ideas that could work for you.

  • Farmers Market
  • Adults only event
  • Create a package deal
  • Block party

4. Share your product

If you sell tickets, vouchers, or certificates donate a handful of them to businesses in your area. These can be offered as an incentive to employees or raffled off. Yes, you are giving away free product but this is an incentive for customers who may not normally visit your business to spend their money with you. They will bring their family and friends when offered something for free.

5. Offer a reward program or membership

Reward programs give your customers an incentive to visit your business and spend money with you. If you can offer memberships at your business, this ensures your customers will come back. You can also provide discounts for when they return in other areas of your facility. These are great ways to keep your customers interested in what you have to offer.

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