You may be fascinated or even overwhelmed by all the options that ticketing systems have to offer. We are here to point you in the right direction with these best practices in ticketing.

1. Plan it out!

Space on your ticket is limited. What do you want your ticket to say? Your message will need to be concise while also providing enough information to your guest. Basics include attraction name, customer name, time, or your return/weather policy.

2. Ticket or Wristband

Depending on the type of attractions at your facility, you may want to use a standard ticket or a wristband. Some facilities may even incorporate both. Determine what is the most cost-effective and useful for your operation.

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3. Offer Options

Create ticket packages that maximize your profits as well as the guest experience. It is common for customer to choose a mid to high level ticket package over a standard ticket.

4. Rain Checks

It’s common practice with admission based businesses to not offer refunds for customers who didn’t show up. What you do want to offer and create is a strong policy for inclement weather. In the event of bad weather causing your facility to be closed, make it easy for your customer to get a rain check and visit you another day.

5. Bounce Back Passes

No matter the size of your facility, bounce back passes are great ways to keep customers coming back. Create combos or vouchers that provide free or discounted admission, game play, merchandise, or food. The options are endless. Make it fun!

6. Avoid Per Ticket Fees!

Work with a ticketing company that doesn’t take from your hard-earned profits. Companies who charge per ticket fees are less expensive upfront but your overall investment will be much higher year after year.

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