Are you ready to take your Party bookings, Cabanas rentals, and Large group orders to a whole new level?  Unless the guest is paying with cash, encourage your guests to not pay as they go. Make it simple and create a tab that allows you to, collect customer data, charge to a guest account, track customer spending and have the peace of mind of credit card preauthorization. Without preauthorization, there is the risk that the guest’s card could be invalid or unable to cover the bill they have rung up.Bar tab receipt payment

What is a Preauthorization:

Preauthorization also known as authorization hold is the process of verifying transactions made with a credit card and holding the balance until the merchant clears the transaction or the hold falls off. Simply put, Preauthorization protect the good and services you provide to your guests.

Bar tab receipt

Benefits to Preauthorization Tabs:

  1. Encourages guests to stay longer

When a guest opens a tab, staff can easily service patrons without having to worry about asking for payment each time. Keeping the guest experience top of the line!

  1. Prevents credit card fraud

If this card has been reported as lost or stolen, you can deal with the issue upfront.

  1. Checks for insufficient funds

Does the credit card have a daily set limit? or do they have enough funds to spend for the requested amount?

  1. Increase speed of workflow

Swipe once your done. 


  1. Keeps your staff organized

Your party host or event staff will be more organized by tracking the customer spending. Be able to check a balance at a glance or print statements to finalize tabs.

  1. Verify age – Driver’s license scanner

In the event this is being used in area’s that require age verifications you can quickly scan a drivers license to populate account information. Making age verification fast and accurate.

  1. Collect customer data and track customer spending

Expanding your customer database. Collecting customer data is crucial to your marketing strategy. Knowing what customer want will increase your chances for customer retention. If data collection isn’t a priority, it’s time to switch gears. 

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