ftSince before your park opened for the summer, your guests have been waiting in anticipation through the cold winter months for summer fun to begin. Here is what guests love seeing when visiting your park.

1. Adult-Friendly

Amusement parks are not just for kids anymore. More and more facilities are staying open late for 21-and-over special events. These events are becoming popular with adult guests because lines are shorter, adult beverages are more readily available, and there is generally a more relaxed feeling.

2. Higher Quality Food

Not only are your guests excited to ride your most thrilling attraction. They are excited to get food that they can’t get anywhere else. Some favorites are giant turkey legs, funnel cake, and Dole Whip.

Gatemaster amusement park food.jpgGatemaster amusement park food funnel cake.jpg

3. Maps with GPS Tracking

How do guests get around your park? Many parks offer online maps but in addition to this, they are creating apps that can track your guest’s location within the park to help guest get around more easily. These maps make it so simple for guest to move around your park and not waste time getting lost.

4. Limited Wait Times

Everyone hates waiting in line but we all do it with a smile while waiting to get on our favorite attraction. Those few thrilling moments are worth the 87-minutes of staring at start of the line in anticipation. Many amusement parks are working to cut down these wait times for guest. Disney has offered their Fastpass, a virtual queuing service, to guests for no additional charge since 1999. Since it’s likely every guest who comes to your park will have a cell phone, virtual queuing services are becoming more common place. Learn more about The Psychology of Waiting in Line. Gatemaster is the perfect software solution for fast theme park ticketing

5. Something to be Excited About

The anticipation of experiencing a new attraction for the first time is always worth the wait! With new attractions, marketing is everything. Get your guest excited and they will keep returning year-after-year.

6. Nostalgic Experience

Some guests get more thrills out of riding the older attractions. It may remind them of their childhood or give them a glimpse of the entertainment available to their grandparents. Whatever the reason you may want to run a survey with your guests to determine the appeal of an older attraction before tearing it down.

7. Bounce Back Passes

Want to keep those guests who may only visit once per year coming back? Offer Bounce Back Passes. This is great for someone who does not have an interest in purchasing a season pass. When your guests purchase a ticket at full price they can choose to come back between dates that you determine at a discounted rate.


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