We all know the horror of the dreaded one star review, there to forever haunt us with past mistakes and misunderstandings with our customers. Here are some tips for making your customers happy, keeping them happy, and getting them to write great reviews.

1. Mistakes are going to happen, so don’t sweat the small stuff.  

There is no sense in wasting time and energy for a misunderstanding or an honest mistake. Being angry about small issues in a business can over shadow what actions need to be taken.  Be clear, be honest, and be firm. Just remember to move on.

2. Cut down your wait times.   

No one likes waiting. The longer your customers have to wait the more likely they are to leave and not return. Make sure you have enough employees to handle your customers or provide your employees with the tools they need to give your paying customer the experience they deserve! Customers find it impressive when lines move quickly.

3. Celebrate the small wins! 

Did your rush run smoothly? Was there a crisis that was handled well? Remember to congratulate your employees for a job well done. Happy employees equal happy customers. Don’t be afraid to reward an employee for a job well done in front of your customers.


4. Always be improving. Give you customers something to look forward to.  

A new menu item, a new attraction, or even new parking lot pavement. Invite your customers to check it out.

5. Be patient with change. 

When you hire a new employee or purchase a new point-of-sale, take time for implementation and employee training. Thank your customers for their patience.

6. Get to know your customers and what they would like to see in your business.  

Any successful business knows that customer input is essential. Ask your customer, why do you like us and what can we do to keep you coming back? Customers value a business that values their opinion. If a customer makes a suggestion you can make happen, openly thank that customer using social media!

7. Run your business so it will benefit you far down the road.  

Making a fast buck is great in the moment but often results in a poor customer experience. Investing in the cheaper upfront expenses may cost you more down the road. Your customer will recognize your extra time and efforts you are making to keep you business up-to-date and a more enjoyable place for them to visit!

8. Create an environment that keeps customer coming back! 

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you and make it easy for your employees to work for your customers. No one ever complains when things are easy!

9. Create incentives for your customers who leave great reviews! 

Invite your customers to leave you great reviews for a discount on their next visit. Remember to respond to your poor reviews. Keep it positive and ask your customers what they would want to see from your business to make their experience better.


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