We all have those days where we don’t know where to start or which issue to tackle first. When you don’t have good time management on your side, simple tasks can take up more of your time than they should, which will lead to you being totally disorganized and stressed. Begin to implement these best practices and you will see your stress levels drop and profitability increase!

Just Breathe

You might be thinking, “It’s too late. Everything is a mess.” Take a moment, drink your coffee, and prepare yourself to get organized. If you’re like me, you might need to start with a quick walk just to clear your mind before you begin to assess what first needs to take place. Don’t let that feeling of being overwhelmed take over, because you won’t be effective. 

Write a Schedule 

When it comes to implementing better time management you want to start with scheduling your regular daily tasks. What time do you arrive? When do you take your breaks and lunch? How much time do you spend on checking your email? Are there certain people you meet with every day? What task do you accomplish every day? Do you need to schedule open office hours for when people drop in? Once you have your daily schedule worked out, now you can fill in the blanks.  

Give Extra Time to Complete Task 

Now that you have your daily tasks worked out, give yourself time between these tasks. Do you need time walking from meeting to meeting? Will someone hold you back for a few extra questions? Do you need to research your next call or task? Depending on the task, schedule 5-10 minutes of extra time between your regularly scheduled items. This extra time will benefit you on those extra busy days and will help alleviate stress that can build up when you are running behind.

Make your Expectations Known 

Share your schedule with your customers and co-workers. If anyone needs your time, they need to schedule it. Include your schedule as a link in your email signature. That way you are making it easy for the people who need your time. There are free online tools like Setmore, that will make it easy for you to share your schedule.  


Don’t Feel Like a Jerk 

There might be some growing pains for your new-found organization and scheduling. Don’t sweat it. It might take time but once you get everyone onboard with how you are conducting your day to day routine, it will get easier. Retraining your employees and customers to your organizational needs will improve their experience with you and make for a better, more productive environment.  

Set Goals 

Along with creating a daily schedule, you want to set goals. What are your goals? How long will it take to complete these goals? How do you keep track of your goals? Can you include these goals in your schedule? Some favorite goal tracking tools are Lifetick, Milestone planner, and Joe’s goals. 

Communicate and Share 

Time management, goals, and scheduling are not best practices you should keep to yourself. With your new-found skills, share them with your employees and coworkers. Help them improve their work day. When implemented, you will see an increase in morale and profitability.  

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