Conflict Resolution in the Workplace  4 Tips to Conflict Prevention Conflict can arise at any time and for many varied reasons in the workplace. It’s never a question of if there will be a conflict, but rather when and why. The root cause of most conflict is poor communication. Keeping that in mind, there are steps that you can take to prevent conflicts from developing. Following these steps will have positive impacts for your employees, customers, and overall operation of your business. Some of the things you can do to proactively prevent conflict are: 1. Clearly define each employee’s job duties and responsibilities.  When you lay out what each person’s responsibilities are, there is no guess work and no room for shifting blame. Each employee is accountable for their duties. 2. Establish a well-articulated chain of command. When a conflict does arise, your staff will know precisely who is the appropriate person to escalate their concerns to. Conflict can “snowball” if the employee doesn’t know who they should talk to about the conflict. They may tell fellow co-workers and it then becomes gossip, not problem solving. Make sure everyone knows who they should talk to, to avoid the conflict getting out of hand and worsened by misdirected communications. Gatemaster conflict resolution joke.jpg 3. Strategic hiring is a wonderful way to thwart conflict before it starts. Be mindful of the personalities of current employees when interviewing potential candidates. Be cautious and thorough when interviewing, considering any applicant. This is part of building a strong team which is vital, not only for day to day operation of your business, but also in preventing conflict between co-workers. 4. Building a strong, well balanced team of staff members is crucial in the success of your business. This prevents conflicts from developing or becoming bigger than they needed to be. Doing team building activities regularly can bond your employees and create a relationship between them. It is much easier to address issues or conflicts when there is mutual respect among your team. Related blogs Become a Conflict Resolution Master – Part 2 Become a Conflict Resolution Master – Part 3


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