As attraction operators, we all strive to offer the best possible guest experience. We know that our guests want the best experience possible and we know that they are willing to pay more to get it. When we create products and packages that are packed with meaningful enhancements, market them properly, and train our staff to position them to the right audience, we are contributing to an improved guest experience. Here are 4 strategies to drive revenue by enhancing your product lineup.

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Make It Special – Wow more of your arriving guests by offering special experiences. For example, create up-close and hands-on experiences like animal interactions, character meet-and-greets, and commemorative photos that dial up the excitement and create buzz. Be sure to make it easy for your guests to post their special experiences on social media too.

Make It Convenient – Your guests want their experience to be hassle-free and easy to manage. Start by offering preferred parking; even if you don’t usually charge for parking, reserving your prime parking spots for those who will pay (or to pay a little more) to park close can be a huge revenue center. Offer a front-of-the-line pass on days when your queues are over 20 minutes long. Reserve seats in your show areas for guests who want to sit in the front row but don’t want to arrive 30 minutes early to do so.

Make it Exclusive – Offer exclusive experiences as a way for your guests to do things that others can’t. For example, many aquariums offer a Trainer for a Day guest experience that allows participants to spend the day training a dolphin, seal, or other creature. For many guests, such an experience is a dream come true. You can also offer sneak peaks of upcoming attractions and events for your annual pass holders or previous visitors as a means of generating buzz and encouraging return visits.

Make it Luxurious – What would you offer a famous Hollywood actress who came to visit your attraction? Why would you only offer such experiences to a select few? Create experiences that go beyond exclusive and go straight for out-of-this-world and offer them to anyone who will pay top dollar for the experience. Private tours, candlelight dining, champagne breakfasts, and experiences you can’t get anywhere else are great ways to dial up the guest experience and to make it luxurious.

What are some special experiences that you offer?

What do you do to make your guest’s day convenient and hassle-free?

Do you offer exclusive interactions or experiences?

How do you go above and beyond to make your guest’s day luxurious?


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