Hinckle_Family_Fun_Center_Logo.pngI visited with Colleen Wyatt of Hinkle Family Fun Center.

Hinkle Family Fun Center first started with laser tag in 1994 and they have since grown into two locations. Both buildings were just using a cash register and Gatemaster was implemented as their first point of sale system.

Colleen reported that the staff loves the ease of Gatemaster point of sale system. It is simple to add and edit merchandise items. Her staff loves the ability to bundle merchandise items and they use pop up wild cards to upsell. It makes their job easier and encourages higher purchase points. The accountant is happy because cash control is tight and the reports are customizable by merchandise item, staff, date, and more.

When the team runs into a problem, or wants to do something in the system that they are unfamiliar with all it takes is a simple phone call to the Gatemaster Support team. Colleen reports, “The support team is excellent. When I have an issue it is resolved right away or escalated appropriately.”


Hinkle just implemented Gatemaster e-commerce for passes, gift certificates and game room credits. They are excited to see the public shop on their new web store. Now customers can shop 24/7 in the convenience of their homes.

Colleen said that Hinkle is currently using a third party online event booking software. They are excited to switch over to Gatemaster’s integrated online party booking system next year so that all their revenue sources will go through a single software. This will streamline the party booking process and eliminate data entry, saving time. Reporting will be much simpler as they will be able to view reports from all revenue streams.

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