Michael Montgomery is General Manager of Skyview Atlanta and has been a Gatemaster customer for about four years now. Recently he shared with us his experience with Gatemaster Point of Sale and Ticketing software.

Sky View Atlanta is a ferris-wheel attraction towering approximately 20 stories above Centennial Park in Atlanta, Georgia. It features 42 climate-controlled gondolas that comfortable provide guests with breathtaking panoramic views of downtown Atlanta and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Sky View Atlanta uses Gatemaster for all its ticketing and retail items, including a clever date night package that includes a carriage ride and free dessert from a local restaurant. Gatemaster helps them bundle tickets with retail items and the system automatically tracks the sales and inventory. And when bundling with third-party attractions Gatemaster allows you to print a voucher that can be easily redeemed at a third-party sites.

Montgomery particularly likes Gatemaster Reports. With it, he can drill down and get the specific level of data he needs at any time; sales by register, by user, by merchandise item, by date, etc. Montgomery loves that he can be anywhere in the world but still see exactly what is going on at the park at any given moment.

Mr. Montgomery also uses Gatemaster to redeem promotional items sold on Groupon, to track when the vouchers are used, and to collect sales tax. This allows customers to redeem the Groupon voucher for a ticket at the point-of-sale. Gatemaster also has the ability to use an entry gate to invalidate the Groupon voucher. Customers can then bypass the point of sale and simply scan the Groupon voucher at an entry point. The entry gate invalidates the voucher so that it can only be used once.

Sky View Atlanta also uses Gatemaster for their website shopping cart. They even have a “Shop Now” button on their Facebook page that seamlessly links to their web store. The webstore is integrated with the same database that the onsite store uses which allows for real time data flow, true capacity control, and no double booking.

Mr. Montgomery loves that he can get into the Gatemaster system and change and add merchandise as needed on his own but when he needs to get a hold of the support team he uses the support portal and gets help quickly! Read what other customers say about Gatemaster Point of Sale and Ticketing System.



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