In a highly competitive atmosphere, a consumer can consume up to 5,000 ads per day according to the research firm Yankelovich in 2007. That number is estimated to be between 6,000 to 10,000 in 2021.

“The purpose of advertising and branding is to increase awareness of your company and drive traffic into your sales.”  -Grant Cardone

How do you stay competitive in this environment?


Social Media Tools:

Use programs like Canva to help create fun and entertaining content to promote your facility. Canva has templates for different platforms with both image and video content. Canva offers a free introductory package with the ability to upgrade later. Also, a great option to learn more about content creation from different courses, tutorials, and blogs.

Create Partnerships to Build Leads:

Having relationships with other business to offer discounts to employees through HR benefits is a great way to sell products and generate new leads to consumers who may have not visited otherwise. Creating consignment portals for employees to buy directly from your system through a protected site so that only those with the proper credentials can access the special company pricing.

Make Your Content Work for You:

Your content should be generating leads for you even while you sleep. Content should be displaying and promoting special offers, events, products, and services. The right content will increase engagement with your potential guest. Therefore, leading to additional sales.

Do you have A Content Creation Plan?

How many blogs do you write per week? Emails newsletters do you send per-day? Social Media Post for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter? What Social Media Items do you review daily? Is your company profile picture updated? Do you have branded content? Are you responding to customer review? Have the current events been posted, and company operating hours updated? All these action steps lead to a better-informed guest who knows what to expect when they visit your facility. Keeping them engaged regularly.

Topics to work with in Content Creation:

Help your guest understand what products and services you will deliver on. What’s cool about what you do? What are some of the latest news and breakthrough your business is having? Share your success stories and make it fun!