As the world becomes increasingly digital, attractions need to keep up with the times. Outdated software for online and mobile purchases for your guests can cost you lost sales and customer satisfaction. Up-to-date software provides an enjoyable experience for your guests, leading to increased sales and greater customer satisfaction. Let’s look at why this is important.


line art icon of an orange circle with a stack of cash inside of itThe Cost of Not Having Up-to-Date Software

Updated software for your attraction’s online and mobile transactions can save you sales and customer satisfaction. Outdated software typically runs slower than newer versions, making it difficult for customers to complete their purchases quickly. This can lead to frustration among customers, who may eventually choose to shop elsewhere if they find the process too long. Additionally, older versions of the software are more prone to crashing or having other issues, leading to a negative user experience for customers.


line art icon of an orange circle with a smartphone on the inside displaying an image of a customerGuest Driven Transactions

On the other hand, having up-to-date software can provide a great user experience for your guests when purchasing tickets or merchandise from your attraction. By utilizing guest-driven transactions—which allow customers to buy tickets directly from their own devices—you can make it easier and faster than ever before for people to purchase tickets or items from you online or via a mobile device. This helps increase convenience and reduce wait times at ticketing booths or checkout lines, giving customers more time to enjoy the attractions without waiting in line. Additionally, by allowing customers more control over their purchases—such as selecting dates and times or choosing different packages—you can create a customized shopping experience that will help boost customer satisfaction while increasing sales.



Having up-to-date software is critical if you want your attraction’s online presence to remain competitive in today’s digital world. Updated software helps customers have an enjoyable experience when purchasing tickets or merchandise from your website or through their own devices, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales overall. Investing in modernized software solutions is one of the best ways to ensure that your attraction stays ahead of the competition by providing guests with a seamless user experience when making purchases at your facility.