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Communication and Organization


It’s important that management keep staff informed of changes to policies, events, and how you generally do business. Failures in communication can make for unhappy staff and guests. Hold regular meetings to keep staff informed, trained, and motivated. Keep documented materials for training and reference for your employees to refer to. Your employees need to know your expectations and feel empowered by you to make the best decisions to better serve your guest. You can try helpful online tools like Slack and Asana to keep staff informed and you organized.

Make It Easy for Your Guest to Spend Their Money with You!

Allow for your guest to purchase memberships, season passes, tickets, and book parties online. For example, Gatemaster E-Commerce and Point-of-Sale are integrated; guests can bypass the ticket counter and go straight to the entry gate.

Partner with other local businesses to sell your tickets! This is another fantastic way to attract potential guests that may have otherwise not been aware of your facility. You can partner with nearby hotels, restaurants, and other tourist attractions for your ticket consignment.

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Digital Waivers

Having guests sign waivers while booking parties or purchasing online will save your guests time and minimize the wait at your front counter. Digital waivers increase guest satisfaction while protecting your business.

Respond to Guest Feedback

Online feedback is great until you get a negative review. It’s critical to respond to negative reviews with sensitivity and tact. If a guest feels like they had a poor experience, valid or not, it’s important to acknowledge, apologize, tell your side of the story without placing blame. Furthermore, you should express how you will work to resolve the issue. It’s hard to leave your emotions out when you feel your negative feedback is unjust. Keep to the facts, express how you will continue to make things better, and you’ll do just fine.

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