In continuing to consistently look for ways to make the guest experience better, Gatemaster has recently launched ParkTab. ParkTab is an exclusive Gatemaster software feature that allows customers to run a facility wide tab across your location including cabana service, rentals, parties, events, gift shop, pro shop, bar, concessions, and more. Guests simply have their credit card pre-authorized at the start of the day to get started. Preauthorization of credit cards protects your business from invalid payments or insufficient funds.


ParkTab allows for scanning of guests’ driver’s licenses to quickly gather guest information and age verification, adding non-members/season passholders to your marketing database. Your guest’s photo is displayed for added verification and your cashiers will be given an alert if there is a tab already open. Plus, at the end of the day, if the guest does not close the tab, the system has daily closing workflows.

There are multiple ways ParkTab can be used by your guest (and scanned at the point-of-sale):

  • Printed tickets
  • Email Tickets
  • Wearable media (barcode or RFID bands)
  • Season Passes, Memberships, and Loyalty Cards
  • Mobile app (coming soon)

Benefits of ParkTab:

1. Guests stay longer and spend more
2. Prevents credit card fraud
3. Checks for insufficient funds
4. Faster customer service
5. Better guest experience
6. Collect guest data
7. Track guest spending

Learn more about our newest feature by clicking here!


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