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Your ski resort is a vacation oasis for your new and returning customers every winter. But the tedious issues of staffing, lawsuits, rentals, class schedules, and all of the other management necessities can take the fun out of the business. You may often wonder how you can streamline these ongoing pains in order to make more money and keep your ski business profitable and enjoyable, not just for your customers, but for you too! We have the answer…technology! 

How can technology make you money and keep the resort business focused on skiing rather than simply trying to financially survive?

Software specifically designed for resorts will help protect your business from lawsuits. Waivers are important but having thousands of them signed and in paper form spread all over your office or in a random database is a liability alone. Digitizing and simplifying this process with affordable resort software is the key to keeping it simple and documented. If worst-case scenarios do happen, you are only a click away from your documented waiver protection.

Also, skiers come to ski, not wait in line for hours. Efficient ski slot organization is another awesome feature that resorts can’t do without. Reserving spots, and keeping customers aware of where they fall in line allows your customer to enjoy an extra hot cocoa at the resort bar and keeps them happy. It also helps keep a fluid slope traffic rhythm, allowing customers to be safer. This software feature can also help your resort plan staffing, supplies, slope monitoring, and so much more! This can save energy, time, and money…all while keeping people skiing instead of waiting.

Scheduling private and group lessons manually is a nightmare. If your resort struggles with how to plan for large groups and a lot of one-on-one instruction have no fear, software is the answer. Staffing, slope time, and customer delight all revolve around appropriate and efficient planning. Get the most bang out of your client’s buck by being super organized. Customers hate nothing more than a resort’s disorganization or worse, inability to follow through with a class commitment. Those days are over with ski resort software.

This software also helps track rental needs in advance in order to accommodate the maximum number of customers for a day or a week. This can help you create luxury services for each customer, instead of a customer waiting in line for their rental, have it ready for them with a hot cup of coffee for their morning ski. We guarantee that customer will keep coming back for more.

Resort software saves money by automating tedious paperwork and registration, it also protects your resort from devastating lawsuits, and inevitably creates happier staff and customers. Ultimately allowing your resort to be a true adventure in fun rather than a disorganized money-pit.


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