Navigating the F&B Maze

Navigating the F&B Maze: Key Takeaways from “Live with Sondra” with special guest James McQuade

Are you an attraction professional hungry for innovative ways to level up your food and beverage (F&B) game? Then grab your metaphorical napkin and dig into the delicious discussion between Gatemaster Technology’s CEO Sondra Shannon and James McQuade, Food and Beverage Director of Kentucky Kingdom at Hurricane Bay, on “Live with Sondra”.

This dynamic duo tackled the F&B landscape with gusto, exploring strategies that prioritize memorable experiences for guests, while balancing innovation and efficiency. Prepare to be served a smorgasbord of insights, from creating guest-centric traditions to harnessing the power of smart tech.

Savor the Secrets of Guest Satisfaction:

Memories are the main course:
James emphasizes that at Kentucky Kingdom, every bite revolves around crafting lasting memories. He empowers his team to be “memory makers,” instilling the mindset of honoring classics like funnel cakes and pumpkin pie sauce while repurposing ingredients like cinnamon bread into bread puddings.

Balancing the plate:
Striking the right balance between efficiency and innovation is key. James showcases their use of leftovers to create new experiences and maximize financial gains, all while upholding traditions.

James’ Recipe for Consistency:

Quality and comfort food combo:
James credits his team of managers for ensuring high-quality, labor-efficient comfort food options. He stresses the importance of consistency, using pizza sauce as an example, explaining how maintaining efficiency and reasonable costs can elevate every guest’s experience.

Safety & sanitation:
James also highlights his focus on food safety, even for young employees. He shares how fostering teamwork and collaboration under his manger’s guidance has led to a significant decrease in sanitation scores.

Tech's Tasty Treats:

AI security & QR codes:
James demonstrate how technology enhances the F&B experience. For instance, Kentucky Kingdom’s AI-powered security systems create a friendlier guest experience, while QR codes on cups improve efficiency and track guest consumption.

Tech as a side dish:
James also touches on human interaction, with technology playing a strategic role to support staff. Sharing examples like implementing scannable memberships for refills and guest phone-accessible mapping systems, the speakers showcase how technology can improve the experience for both guests and staff.

Teamwork and Technology Working Together:

James emphasizes the importance of having the right technology, and a strong team and communication to handle busy situations. This conversation highlights the family-like atmosphere at Kentucky Kingdom, and how happy employees translate to happy guests.

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