At Gatemaster we want to ensure that your season opening is successful. Please take the time to review this short list of season opening best practices. Get the most out of your Gatemaster Support and follow these suggestions.

  • Make sure everything is up-to-date.

This includes software, operating systems, fire extinguishers, and anything else that has an expiration date. Call or schedule time with us to get your system up-to-date and start enjoying the recent changes to Gatemaster before your customers arrive.

  • Schedule your time with us.

Did you forget how to use your software during the off season? That’s ok! We are here to help. If you have an easy question, give us a call. For more complex support needs schedule time into our technical support calendar to get the most out of your experience with us.

  •  Employee training

Ensure all employees, new and old, are up-to-date on all trainings and changes made to your business prior to the doors opening. 

  • Create policy

Have policy for old coupons, gift certificates, and giveaway prizes from the previous year. When it comes to Gatemaster, designate an employee you trust to help maintain the system, call for support, and be the point-of-contact for your other employees to reach out to if support needs arise.

  •  Testing, Testing…

Test everything to make sure your opening day is a success. Test the doors; do they open, close, and lock? We recommend running a few test transactions with your point-of-sale before opening your doors to customers. Other suggested items to check are website, links, fire alarms, registers, phones, drains, sinks and toilets!

  • Employee Scheduling

Our friends at When I Work are now offering a free version of their employee scheduling software. They also have a discount extended to Gatemaster clients if you choose to purchase the full version of their software. Make scheduling your employees easy and give it a try.

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