One of the concerns I hear most often from companies is the need to reduce manual labor, streamline systems and company training processes. Creating company consistency will reduce payroll hours, system downtime and duplication of work. Saving the company thousands of dollars in operating cost.

  • Consolidate Your Systems
    • How many different programs are you using to run your business? Do you have a single system for membership? A different system for events, online sales and onsite ticketing? Consolidating programs can save you time in duplicating your efforts. Seamlessly working together from one department to another allowing the ability to cross promote, track member benefits and upsell in other areas regardless of where the consumer purchases in park. Learn more about our fully integrated software and E-Commerce packages.

  • Create Consistent Company Training

  • Have a Disaster Recovery Plans in Place
    • Are you prepare for bad weather? A Lighting strike…Acts of God. Do you know what to do you if the internet goes down or a workstation stops operating? Creating a disaster recovery plan helps your management staff know how to handle a situation before it ever happens. This gives the employee confidence in their abilities to do their job confidently and well in tense situation. Read our blog about How to Reduce Point-of-Sale Hardware Downtime.