Tech vs. Touch: Finding the Personalization Sweet Spot

LIVE with Sondra: The Future of Guest Service: Striking the Balance Between Technology and Personalization


In this video discussion, Sandra Shannon, CEO of GateMaster Technology, hosts Vincent Mavente from Herschend Family Entertainment to explore the delicate balance between technology and personalization in the attractions industry.

Vincent’s Insights:

Vincent, with almost 30 years in the contact center world and 2 years in attractions, emphasizes incorporating technology into guest services. He highlights the importance of understanding guest preferences and offering personalized interactions.

Herschend’s Approach:

Herschend Family Entertainment focuses on thorough pre-visit communication, utilizing technology for agent performance measurement, and exploring AI. They emphasize maintaining the human touch in communication.

Guest Preferences and Technology:

Vincent discusses the pitfalls of not considering guest needs when implementing technology, emphasizing the effectiveness of directly asking guests their preferred communication channel.

Sondra’s Perspective:

Sondra stresses the importance of striking a balance between technology and human interaction, sharing challenges of setting customer expectations and expanding service hours.

Improving Guest Experience:

The speakers discuss tracking phone calls, implementing call-backs, and challenges of providing real-time support through remote services. They emphasize the need for a solid guest journey plan in remote service models.

Creating Memories and Guest-Centric Culture:

Vincent highlights the organization’s focus on creating memorable experiences, emphasizing a guest-centric culture by leading with love.
Guest Appreciation and Value: Sondra shares the importance of making guests feel appreciated and valued, emphasizing the significance of managing guest experiences.

Connecting with the Speakers:

Vincent invites viewers to reach out on LinkedIn for assistance in guest service challenges. Sondra encourages questions and offers to bring on experts. The episode concludes with an invitation for potential guests to join the podcast.


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