What are some ways that we can cut down on season pass and membership processing and enhance the guest experience? At the beginning of each season, many facilities struggle with the long lines associated with guests attempting to process their season pass voucher into a hard card to gain access to the facility all season long. This takes up employee’s time that could be better spent serving the client in a more positive way and the guest is missing out on their first few hours of play for the season waiting in line. Utilizing eCommerce tools to better server your guest is a great way to reduce long wait times for pass processing.

Early Bird Specials:

Black Friday and Holiday Sales are great ways to boost revenue in the off season and allows the guest to purchase at their convenience. This takes the work and human error out of employees manually entering data.

Upload Photos:

With a qualifying purchase a guest can upload individual photos to their season pass account one time.  As a note, it is good to provide guidelines for clear photo quality using a color photo.

Allow for Mobile Passes:

Once a guest uploads their photo allow for a digital season pass that includes your logo, customer name and photo. Digital season passes can be stored in mobile devices using app like Apple Passport and Google Pay.

Guest Driven Portfolios:

Add features that allow for guest to load their pass with a stored credit card for mobile ordering or be able to load cards with cash value. Provide guest with the ability to control their experience leads to additional revenue. When we make it easy for guest to buy, they will.