Vouchers are considered merchandise or admission item that can be redeemed for a specific product or service. Vouchers can help encourage the guest to spend more at the facility.  

Here are 7 reasons why your business needs offer vouchers products.

  • Personalize your guests purchase by allowing them a choice of items to redeem. The options maybe be for multiple attractions such as pick two or pick three tickets or specific items (i.e., meal vouchers, souvenir cups, etc.).
  • Guests understand what the exact cost of the visit is before they arrive. They know what they are spending on admission costs and food allowing for better budgeting. Since the guest purchased in advance the opportunity for add-ons can increase precaps onsite.
  • Vouchers create an overall better guest experience. By having the sale processed in advance the employee doesn’t need to collect funds, therefore, speeding up the transaction time.
  • Vouchers can be used for promotion, donations, or discounted ticket tracking. Vouchers allow you to track the sale and redemption of your item(s).
  • Draw attention to specific areas of your business. I worked with a location recently that wanted to bring visibility to their photos. We added a presale voucher for photos to the purchasing path online increasing revenue in this area by 40% in the first week.
  • Can be shared with others as gifts. For holiday sales a gift voucher for a season pass can be purchased for another family member which makes it quick for mom, aunt, or grandparents to purchase online and send the gift voucher for the individual to redeem.
  • Can be validated or invalidated. Vouchers can be validated at a point of purchase or an access control gate. Preventing consumer and employee theft. Knowing when a voucher was scanned gives the employee the confidence, they need to manage each guest transaction seamlessly.


Photo by Joe Yates on Unsplash