When talking to a customer, your employees are creating an overall impression of your business. Sometimes this can be seen as putting on a performance for your customer.  At the end of every engagement, how the customer feels about the employee and their performance is how they feel about your business. By simply providing a positive experience, staff can change a customer’s perspective on how they view your business. To help your employees create these positive experiences, have them think of themselves as actors.

For the best possible experience at your business your customers need 100% confidence in:

  • Your business’s ability to provide great entertainment
  • Your business’s quality of service
  • Your Employees performance

You want your customers to believe in the quality entertainment experience your business is here to provide. Have your employees think of this as putting on the best performance of their acting career. They’re here to win the Oscar!


Employees need to understand why is it so important to convey a positive, happy and helpful attitude when dealing with a customer. Always provide service with a smile! Word choice and body language are important right from first contact. In the same way actors study human emotion so should your employees.  

As an exercise, have your employees practice this skill day to day lives and notice how people around them respond, e.g., talk to the cashier in the checkout lane, take a call from a telemarketer, use different tones when talking to family member.  By doing this exercise, it will help your employees better understand how they can control the customer experience, in a positive way, until the customer exit the park.

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