A greeter is anyone who may come into contact with a guest. This could be the ticket booth operator, the ticket taker, sanitation, or the gift shop, cashier.

I worked at the admission gate for a private event recently. As the first person, the guest met, I made sure I understood what they would need to know before they went to their designated area. Things like knowing where the bathroom was or where to locate the bar were all questions every guest asked. Rather than wait for the question I made sure to tell every patron who I met. Solving their problems before they left me. Knowing the different types of contacts was important too.  Was the interaction with an they an employee, here to pick up a food delivery, or are they a guest attending the event? Depending on the answer I would give them different directions.

  • Where are the restrooms?

People spend a good amount of time in their vehicle before reaching their destination. A greeter should be able to give clear directions for the guest to find the nearest bathroom. There is nothing more frustrating than having to run around looking at the map for the bathroom in a large, crowded place especially if you have young children with you.

  • Where can they find food and beverages?

Whether the guest is looking to purchase food or an alcoholic drink the  greeter should always know how to direct your guest to these items.  While visiting a large waterpark this summer, my party and I decided to purchase specialty drinks to take back to our rented bungalow to enjoy the day Each employee we inquired about how to find the drinks did not know the location to purchase and ended up spending a half hour of our day looking for the right location only to learn that because the drinks are alcoholic and limited to an area for consumption we could not take our beverages back to our private bungalow.  To make matters worse it took 20 minutes to wait in another line to buy bottled water. Not knowing where to buy these items, not making it easy to buy, or having all the details leads to guest frustration and a bad guest experience.

  • Where are the locker and stroller rentals?

It’s important to know where to purchase lockers and where to get strollers. As a parent, I know I forget things all the time and the stroller might be one of them. Sometimes I think my child will be okay without a stroller and usually, I’m wrong. Especially in a location that is rather large, like a theme park. Other times I over-pack assuming we may visit the waterpark but end up only riding rides and then left to lug around extra bags. Having clear information and direction on the amenities available and how to rent them alleviates the frustration and allows the guest to get right to the fun.