We read hundreds of online reviews for waterparks on Yelp to provide you with the ultimate list of why guests give bad reviews and how to improve reviews for the future. It’s common knowledge that when it comes to guest experience, only extremely happy or angry guests leave reviews. Guests who are simply happy or okay with their experience will not take the time to leave you reviews. Being able to address concerns that your guests have will delight them, making them want to leave you stellar online reviews, and coming back to your waterpark.

  1. Attractions for all ages

Not having attractions for guest of all ages is not a major reason you’ll receive bad online reviews but can cause you to lose a star. It is important enough for many guests to mention it in their reviews of waterparks. Not having a varied variety of attractions could be a reason why a guest would choose to go with another park over your facility after reading online reviews.

  1. New Attractions

Having a new attraction is a fantastic way to gain visitors to your park. New attractions will peak your guest’s interest. Online reviews for good parks with nothing new for guests to enjoy often only end up with 3-star reviews. It may not be in the budget this year but new attractions are worth the planning and investment. We saw many comments like, “This place hasn’t been updated since I was a kid.” Even small updates and attractions can be enough to prevent this type of comment.

  1. Aging park without general upkeep

In the worst online reviews, you can find a pattern. Dead grass, AstroTurf needs to be replaced, outdated cabanas, cracks in cement, and no shade. Upkeep can be time consuming and often expensive but if you are looking for those better online reviews, this is an easy place to start. Facilities that are successful in their general park upkeep will often invest in different areas of the park in alternating years. This year the cabana covers get replaced, next year the AstroTurf, and the year after that the walk ways are mended or replaced. Your loyal guests will notice.

  1. Overpriced fees

Guests get excited for an opportunity to save money on season passes or general admission to your park when using discount sites like Groupon. It can be quite the let down to find out they must pay for parking, tubes, and lockers causing bad online reviews. Many guests expect charges for these items but leave bad reviews due to feeling like they have been price gouged. Try to be as clear and forth coming about your additional charges to help your guest avoid sticker shock and budget for their visit to your park.

  1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the biggest issue for all guests. Trash floating in the water, flooded bathrooms, and over flowing trash cans are top reasons for poor reviews. It doesn’t matter how much it cost to get into your facility, if your facilities cleanliness is not maintained, your guests will go elsewhere. Having dedicated staff to maintain restrooms and empty trash cans during your open hours is a must.

  1. Overcrowding

During the hot summer, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the waterpark is crowed. Overcrowding mixed with other issues like poorly maintained facility and overpriced fees will push your guests over the edge. Make the experience at your waterpark more tolerable for guests looking to cool off. Wherever you have long lines try to provide misters or shading. These are inexpensive ways to create a better guest experience and prevent bad reviews. Making your guests feel comfortable as they wait in longer lines.

  1. Cold water

You wouldn’t think people looking to cool off would complain about the water temperature but it is a common theme in many online reviews that the water is too cold. This is a subjective complaint per guest. You may want to survey your guests to determine what is preferred in water temperature. Try posting a survey to your social media to get guest feedback.

  1. Employee training and reinforcement

When going to any amusement facility guests expect to see a lot of young faces working concessions, rides, and ticketing. This is not a problem. What is an issue for guests is when no one knows how to answer their questions and concerns when they arise. Making sure that your employees have the tools and training to assist your guest is valuable and will affect your online reviews.

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