Ski season is winding down and as the snow melts and people are making spring break plans, are they considering visiting a ski resort? They could be. In fact, some ski resorts are seeing a steady stream of visitors long after the snow is gone and into the summer months.

How can you attract visitors year round? Ski resorts have had success by enhancing their facilities and diversifying the customer experience.

Here are 5 things you can do over the summer months to keep traffic and revenue rolling in.

Hiking and Biking

You already have the mountains and gorgeous landscape provided by nature, you just need to open your doors for business. Bring in summertime crowds to enjoy hiking and biking through the mountains. Utilize ski lifts to carry patrons to the top of the mountain and let them travel down by foot or bike.  


Speaking of the incredible view, the mountains provide a gorgeous backdrop for weddings. Couples are always looking for innovative venues to create a unique wedding experience for themselves and their guests. Utilize indoor facilities or consider a large tent purchase to accommodate weddings, reunions, graduations and other large events.  

Camps and Company Retreats

What better way to “get away from it all” than to travel to a place high above ordinary life for a weekend retreat or camp. Retreats in the mountains can offer guests a quiet break from everyday hustle and bustle. Employers are now seeing the benefits of company retreats, so capitalize on this movement by making your facility available.  For the rowdier crowds, nostalgic adult summer camps are increasing in popularity. Help recreate childhood fun with a grown-up twist by providing a space for these fun sleepaway camps.

Festivals and Events

Another great way to utilize the open space and indoor facilities during the summer months is by hosting festivals or events. The title of the most eclectic variety of festivals hosted at a ski resort may go to Telluride Ski Resort. From Blues and Brews to Chamber Music to Balloon or Yoga Festivals. This also serves to bring in people from all walks of life who may have never considered your location before.  

Zip lines and rope courses

Up your summertime game at your resort by implementing zip lines or rope courses. These outdoor activities are quickly becoming a favorite of adventurers of all ages. Customers can pay for a single experience soaring across the sky ziplining or testing their agility on a rope course or experience a full-day of unlimited fun with a day pass.  

Implement some or all of these tips to keep your resort open year-round. A great way to introduce customers to these summer offerings is by selling annual passes granting winter season pass holders admission during off-peak times.


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