More and more guests are using mobile devices to buy, allowing for the opportunity to upsell as part of the purchasing path before arrival at your facility. If they know what is available before they arrive this leads to happier interactions with employees and a better guest-driven experience.

Packaging Items:

Provide combo options that include any add-on items that allow the guest to decide what they want to do before they arrive. If there are additional items that could be bought, try packaging those items together instead of having the guest choose each item individually.

Product Visibility:

If there are items such as photos, meals vouchers, or add-on attractions that could be sold ahead of time  add them to the purchasing path. This allows the guest to know what the exact cost is and makes the product more visible to the guest. With clear communication at the purchasing path you can also support purchases for future visits.

Increasing Spending:

Add-on items  are often products that can’t be sold on their own without the purchase of another product. Making it easier to buy in advance guests are likely to spend in other areas if they have purchased in advance.  Which in turn, increases  the guest spending ahead of time as well as in the park.