Any Parent would agree that when it comes to planning a birthday party for their child, they want to give their child the best experience within their means. If the facility they are trying to book with doesn’t comply with the reasons why below, your business could be missing out on a huge sales opportunity.


If a parent goes to your website to check things out, they want to see pricing. They may be checking out your website months before booking the party to plan their budget. If you don’t have your prices and packages listed on your website, you could be dropped off their list of potential party sites.

Make Comparisons

Not only do Parents want to compare pricing they want to compare activities, space, cleanliness, reviews, and pictures. If you don’t have a website and active social media presence you could be hurting your sales.

Book Anytime

Most parents don’t have time to call during regular business hours to make an inquiry or purchase. They usually start googling party options, making comparisons, and finalizing their purchase after their kids are in bed. They have time to look and have to wait until there are no littles ones looking over their shoulder to see what they are doing.

Book Now Pay Later or Book and Pay Now, More Money to Spend Later

Some Parents may want to only pay a deposit when they book so they can save up the rest to pay at the event. Another line of thought is pay for the party package in advance then have more money to spend the day of the event. However your guest choose to pay, give them the option to pay more than the deposit if the choose.

It’s Easy

Within a few simple clicks the party is booked, the deposit has been made, and the date is set. Just to give Mom the peace of mind, you can always follow up with an email confirmation or phone call letting her know that she can open a tab once she gets to your facility for any forgotten items or extra guests showing up.

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