Presented by Juan Encarnacion and Ashley Benson Learn more about the speakers here. “50 Money Making Ideas & How to Market Them” was a fast paced brain-storming session where the speakers and attendees discussed successful revenue building ideas. Even if you attended this session at WWA 2017 you may have missed one of the many money-making ideas for your waterpark. If you missed any of these great ideas, we have you covered. WWAShow 2017 blog recap money making ideas.jpg Coupon Distribution
  • Partner with gas stations, hotels, grocery stores, dentist offices, and restaurants to hand out coupons.
  • Even if coupons are not used, your waterpark is getting exposure.
  • Sponsors like Coke and Pepsi will print coupons for free.
Remodel Your Bar Get your adult guest excited to visit the waterpark
  • Increase your food and beverage sales
  • More “Dads” will attend the waterpark with family if your facility offers Wi-Fi, beer and T.V.
  • Get an alcohol vendor to sponsor your bar.
Social Media Make your guests the star of your social media post.
  • If you have a contest on social media, post a photo of a past winner
  • Repost a guest video or photo with an offer
  • Advertise on Facebook that the first 200 guest arriving at opening will get a free cotton candy. Make sure to post your events a few days in advance.
  • Take part in and offer promotions for national celebration days like Best Friends Day. Have your guests post photos of their best friend to your page or using a #hashtag.
  • Have your guests check-in on Facebook or Instagram for free stuff.
wwa 2017 logo.png Rentals Ensure your rentals are returned and make more off the rentals.  
  • Introduce a deposit that will be returned once the rental is brought back in
  • When the guest returns the rented item, instead of cash, offer a low-cost item like popcorn, cotton candy, or drinks
  • Depending on the type of rental, this can drive guest to your giftshop or other areas of your waterpark before they exit
  • Implementing a deposit saves your team time on cleanup of random rentals being left around the park
Honor Roll Programs Drive revenue while giving back to your community.
  • One free child ticket can bring in purchase of 3-4 tickets family member tickets
  • Reach out to the schools in your area and have them provide how many students are on the honor roll. Provide documents detailing how the program will work
End of Day Discounts Save on your cost of goods.
  • The last hour of the day, make an announcement that food has been discounted for quick sale
  • Have employees selling popcorn and cotton candy at the gates as guest leave
  • Guest will the most likely purchase other items like drinks and prepackaged candy at regular price
More Cost Saving Ideas You could be wasting more than $100,000 per year
  • Create check list for employees to check for water leaks on slides and faucets
  • Verify that lights are being turned off
  • Open the conversation to your employees who may have cost saving ideas. Create a safe work environment where employees feel good about sharing ideas
Team Up with Swimming Organization and Schools
  • Offer free swimming lessons. Parents will sign up for more classes
  • Host a field trip or School assembly on water safety. While there, hand out coupons
  • Towards the end of the school year host a high school or middle school day at a discount price
Consignment Fundraisers
  • Kids sell tickets
  • Cap the tickets at a $5 profit
  • You are supporting your local community and creating community partnership
  • From those sales create a scholarship program
Host a 5k
  • 3rd party pays vendor fees
  • You are supporting a charity
  • Gives you community recognition
  • Admissions and Catering roll into the price of registration.
  • Give season pass holders a discount to get involved
Music in the Park This is a great idea for off season or after hours
  • Charge a $5 entrance fee
  • Have your gift shop and concessions open
  • Allow for vendors and charge a vendor fee
  • Musicians may not charge to play but allow for them to sell their merchandise
  • Brings in other types of guests to your facility who may not normally visit a waterpark
Get Guest Information
  • Get guest phone numbers to text them promotions while at your waterpark
  • Email coupons and guest surveys
Other Off Season Ideas
  • Coffee House Sundays
  • Worship Day at the Park
  • Company Picnics
  • Park After Dark
The biggest take away from this learning session is that partnership is key. Other businesses and organizations want to work with your waterpark. Partnership gets you more guests, promotion, and revenue while doing something good for your community. Learn more about point-of-sale: 10 Point-of-Sale Features that Add Value Why Not All Point-of-Sale Systems are Created Equal 6 Best Practices About Ticketing You Need to Know

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