Haunt season is quickly approaching! By now, you’re thinking of ways to boost sales this year over last year. Concessions offer a great way to add more revenue and profit to your haunt. Your food and drinks could rival the entertainment. Instead of offering the basics to your thrill-seekers – up your game with these 4 updates!


Partner with local food trucks

This is a simple way to offer amazing food at your haunt with little effort. Plus, when it comes to food trucks, options abound. Does your community have a favorite? Do this one right and it’s what’s called a ‘triple win’. A win for your haunt, win for the food truck owner, and a win for the customer!

Partner with a local brewery to create a beer collaboration

Nothing screams fall like a good autumn beer. Consider partnering with a local brewery to produce a custom beer collaboration for your haunt. The fun, festive names and devilish fall goodness are sure to get visitors in the spirit of the season.

Create a Happy Hour event on Facebook that takes place during historically slow times at the haunt

Everyone loves happy hour! Happy hour doesn’t have to just be for beer/wine – it’s great for food too! For instance “Buy one get one slices of pizza!” Leverage the power of social media by placing these offers where your customers socialize most. It’s in their best interest to share your posts as well, they won’t be visiting the haunt alone.

Focus on the Season

Fall is a great time to feature delicacies most people want when the air turns crisp. Statesville Haunted Prison serves things like turkey legs, caramel apples, and pumpkin pie in order to feed the monster within! Don’t be afraid to go beyond pumpkin spice and conjure up foods that feature other fall flavors such as ginger, cranberry, chai, and maple.


There’s only one season between now and haunt season. Now is the time to start thinking about things like concessions in order to eliminate the mad rush as fall approaches. Consider one or all of these tricks to make this your best haunt season yet!

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